Detention Center at 200 inmates; Scam averted

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center in Lander reported receiving 110 calls for service on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, including 54 ambulance calls and five fire calls. Fourteen individuals were booked into the detention center, which on Monday is responsible for 200 inmates. Of those, one is on home detention and eight inmates are being held outside of the county.

Items of note from the call blotter include:

A scam attempt from a dating site was rejected by a resident in the Dubois area on Friday.


A theft of fuel from the group account of the Fremont County Group Home in Riverton has been alleged.

Numerous minor traffic crashes and stuck vehicles were reported over the weekend due to slick and snowy conditions.

Fire calls were for a traffic crash in the 4600 block of Highway 26 at Dubois; A fire alarm at Ethete, a vehicle fire on Ohio Avenue in Hudson and a traffic crash in the 6700 block of Riverview Road near Riverton.