RPD Officers broke down door of wrong apartment

The inside of an apartment door that was kicked in by RPD officers who entered the wrong apartment. A sofa was pushed up against the broken door to hold it closed. See explanation below.

A Riverton woman posted on her Facebook page that Riverton Police Officers mistakingly “busted down my front door,” on Wednesday night seeking a disturbance in a neighboring apartment off of College Hill Drive. Candida Perea-White said her door could not be closed in the freezing weather due to the damage. “We got the sofa pushed up to it to hold it closed,” she wrote. She also said the incident scared the XXXXXX out of her grandchildren and her cat. “

When asked about the incident, Captain Todd Byerly provided the following information

“Officers were called to the area of Eagle drive for a report of an intoxicated female attempting to fight the reporting party and also had hit the reporting party.  Upon officers arriving the area, they heard yelling and screaming coming from inside an apartment.  The apartment they heard the yelling and screaming coming from was different from what dispatch had given them.

“The officer documents in his report that due to his training and experience, it sounded like there was a large fight coming from inside the apartment between numerous individuals and felt that dispatch may have given the incorrect apartment number.


“The officers knocked on the door and announced their presence.  The officers could still hear what sounded like people running around inside the apartment.  The officers again knocked and announced their presence.  The officers again received no response to which the officers felt that someone was being assaulted inside the apartment. Due to exigent circumstances, officers kicked the door in in hopes of stopping an assault.  It was determined that there was no assault taking place inside the apartment.

“The department has worked with the apartment management to fix the door.  Officers arrested 45 year old Tina Jenkins in a different apartment as a result of this call,” Byerly wrote in the emailed response.