Eleven Arrests over Weekend; Thefts; Gas Drive-off

Riverton Police responded to 73 calls for service in the 72 hours that ended at 7 a.m. on Monday, 1-27, a.m.

Loaf ‘N Jug on North Federal reported a group of girls entered the store and took a sleeve of CBD Disposables without paying.

A vehicle struck a fire hydrant on Blackfoot Avenue.

A firearm was taken from a vehicle on Saturday. The gun was identified as a Smith & Wesson, stainless steel, double action with black rubber grips in a black holster. A report is pending.

License plate tags were reported stolen from a vehicle parked on West Main Street.

A second gas drive-off allegedly involving the same vehicle from last week’s gas theft was reported at 1157 North Federal Boulevard.


Rupert Brown, 41, Riverton, Arrested. Riverton Municipal Warrant

Keri St.Clair, 47, Fort Washakie, Arrested. Probation Revocation

Willis St.Clair, 43, Fort Washakie. Arrested. Driving While Under the Influence.

Gary Biglake, 45, St. Stephens, Arrested. Pedestrians Under the Influence.

Davide Dewey, 50, Riverton, Arrested. Two Riverton Municipal warrants.

Marco Lugo, 24,Riverton, Arrested. Public Intoxication.

Allen Whiteplume, 34, Arapahoe, Arrested. Public Intoxication.

White St.Clair, 41, Ethete, Arrested. Fremont County warrant.

Jose Galvan, 33, Riverton, Arrested. Driving While Under the Influence.

Elizabeth Pine, 31, Riverton. Arrested. Fremont County warrant.

Cecil Garrett, 32, Riverton, Arrested. Public Intoxication