Stage Stop Sled Dog Race activities Feb. 4th in Lander

The easy access to watch the stage from start and finish near town has long been a special part of the Wyoming Stage Stop sled dog race at Lander. Photo: Kirk Rasmussen

Press Release

Every year, for 25 years, the Wyoming Stage Stop Sled Dog Race has been racing to and through Lander. Every year, teams of impressive canines and people make their way around the state, and every year, they connect with their fans in Wind River Country.

On the 25th anniversary of the inaugural race, the public is once again invited to celebrate on Main Street in Lander. On Feb. 4 at 5:30 p.m., fans of all ages will gather on the 200 block to meet the dogs and their mushers, check out their racing sleds, and celebrate the race’s thrills and history. A movie about the race will be showing in the Lander Bake Shop.

The Lander Stage, stage five, will start bright and early the next morning: 9 a.m. Feb. 5. The race stage will start and end just outside of Lander, either from Bruce’s Parking Lot or the Louis Lake parking lot. Check the race website for final details.

Fans of the race will enjoy exploring the same area that the teams race through. Take skis, snowshoes, or a fat bike out to see the same beautiful wintry views of the Wind River Mountains after the race, or even head out for a dog sled tour of your own in celebration of 25 years of racing through Wind River Country.