Rose turned 100 years young at Morning Star Care Center

Rose Harris celebrated her 100th birthday today at Morning Star Care Center at Fort Washakie. Wyotoday photo by Ernie Over

The Morning Star Care Center in Fort Washakie was buzzing this morning for the 100th birthday celebration for Rose Harris.

The dining room was decked out with balloons and ribbons and Rose took the seat of honor at the head of the room, wearing a 100th birthday sash and a sparking tiara. She had a nice cake and three candles, which she blew out after the entire room sang Happy Birthday to her.

All those attending also had a treat, cupcakes decorated in the colors of the cake.

It was a festive atmosphere as another resident, Doris, was celebrating her 96th birthday. She also was serenaded with Happy Birthday and blew out the two candles on her cake.

Happy Birthday Rose and Doris.

Rose getting ready to blow out her birthday candles.
Everyone had a cupcake to celebrate.
Doris celebrated her 96th birthday today at Morning Star.