Job Corps Instructor charged with four counts of sex with a minor student

Four counts of Sexual Abuse of A Minor in the Third Degree have been filed in Fremont County District Court against a Wind River Job Corp instructor. According to a court affidavit, Travis L. Hurtado, 41, is charged with having sexual relations with a 16-year-old female student.

Riverton Police Captain Wes Romero stated in the affidavit that the student and T.L.H. (Hurtado) “flirted” with each other via messages. “Images of some of these conversations were reviewed by law enforcement and they appear sexually explicit in nature,” according to the court document.

On November 22 or 23, the student told officers that she met up with T.L.H. (Hurtado) “near the water tower near the CWC dorms. After driving around and talking for a short period time, she and T.L.H. (Hurtado) engaged in sexual intercourse in T.L.H’s (Hurtado’s) pickup truck,” according to the document.


After the first sexual encounter, the student told Hurtado that she was only 16, and that he “was clearly upset and told her she could not tell anyone or he could land in jail.” The affidavit indicated he thought the girl was 19.

After that revelation, the student said they drove around for another 10-15 minutes, Hurtado pulled over a second time and they had sexual intercourse for an additional time in the pickup.

The charges, felonies, call for a penalty of imprisonment of not more than 15 years on each count.

After a preliminary hearing in Riverton Circuit Court on January 7th, Judge Wesley Roberts entered an order finding probable cause and transferring the case to District Court in Lander.