The Stock Doc Presents: The Biggest Loser – Pet Edition!

Happy New Year from the Stock Doc!!  The Stock Doc Team hopes everyone had a great start to 2020.  As we enter this New Year, most of us are thinking “Wow, did I overdo it on the food during the holidays!” and then we plot our latest weight loss endeavor.  Well, just as with humans, carrying extra weight can endanger your pet’s health! 

The Stock Doc is promoting healthy weight this month and they are having a “Biggest Loser” Pet Weight Loss Challenge!  Clients wanting their pet to join the challenge must bring their four legged friend in for an entry weight complimentary check in appointment.  So please give The Stock Doc a call at 856-7764 and make an appointment to assess your pet’s weight status.  Amy and The Stock Doc crew will provide a free bag of Royal Canin Satiety weight management pet treats to help them get started on the road to a healthy weight!

The challenge will end on January 31st, 2020 and the winner will be announced on February 5th. The winner will be the pet that has lost the highest percentage of overall body weight. The canine winner will receive a large bag of Royal Canin Satiety and the feline winner will win a case of Royal Canin Sateity canned food. Each winner will also win a free preventative exam!

You can learn more about The Stock Doc and their incredible team @