The Polar Express Boarded hundreds Thursday night

The Polar Exptress Train Engine at the CATS events was popular with the kids. Wyotoday photo by Rusty Wuertz

Hundreds of kids attended the CATS Polar Express Party in Riverton Thursday night.. Main organizer, KaCee Bailey, thanked the volunteers… Laura Harrington, Shawna Edgeington, Taylyn Jones, and Teri Bailey. President of the CATS board, Tami Galitz, said that this was the best attendance to date for the event. She added, that as a children’s museum, “You can apply for grants, but those don’t always cover the cost of operations for things like payroll, and utilities. Events like the polar Express party help keep the children’s museum open.”

At the event, there were science experiments, craft stations, a story corner, Santa himself, a game room, silent auction, and a real locomotive for kids to climb up and ring the Polar Express Bell. They also had participation for the Elf contest with one community member, Cameron Fehring, dawning a glitter beard and his best Christmas apparel.


The organizers thank the Fremont county community for supporting this event. 

Wyotoday photos by Rusty Wuertz