Weather-related vehicle crashes reported; Horse rescued from ditch

Over the long holiday weekend, the sheriff’s office in Lander took 189 calls for service, including 75 ambulance calls and nine fire calls. Twenty-one persons were booked into the detention center, which has an inmate population of 183 inmates, including one on home detention and seven being housed outside of the county.

Items of note from the call log include:

A hit and run was reported in Hudson where a van crashed into a wall near Town Hall and then took off.

A theft of gasoline from a vehicle was reported in the Arapahoe area.

With the snowfall, a complaint was received of a snowmobile cruising through a neighborhood without any lights. The complaint came in from the 1000 block of Major Avenue.

A fire was reported at the High Country Senior Citzens Center in Dubois, but it turned out just to be exhaust coming from a generator that had been started up.

Stotz Equipment reported a lock on a gate was broken and someone took fuel from the business.

Eight fence posts were damaged on Mortimore Lane near Lander by a vehicle that left the roadway.

A structure fire was reported on Weather Vane Lane.

A horse that fell into an irrigation ditch and was upside down for a spell was rescued on Red Barn Lane near Dubois.

A simple assault was reported inside the Fremont County Detention Center in Lander.

An alleged fraud of a Social Security Account was reported near Lander.

A total of nine vehicle crashes, all but one related to the weather, were reported. The exception was a vehicle versus a deer.

The Fremont County Coroner’s office responded to one cardiac arrest death over the holiday weekend

Three structure fires were reported over the long weekend, one on Hays Street in Dubois, one on Weather Vane Lane in Riverton, and one on Foxtail Lane, also in Riverton.

All persons arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.