FCSO: Kegger busted Saturday night; Dogs killed chickens; Pets Poisoned.

Over the past 72 hours the county sheriff’s office in Lander has taken 118 calls for service, including 44 ambulance calls and 10 fire calls. Seventeen persons were booked into the county detention center, which today has an inmate population of 208, including one inmate on home detention and 11 inmates being held in jails outside of the county.

Calls of note from the sheriff’s blotter include:

Deputies were called Friday at 9:15 for the report of a Jeep that had been stolen and then found wrecked along the Sinks Canyon Road.

Multiple citations were issued to juveniles for Minor In Possession when deputies were called to bonfire drinking party Saturday night in Paradise Valley.

A dog at large was reported killing chickens north of Lander on Homec Road at 11:37 a.m. Sunday

A report of several dogs that were allegedly poisoned was called in Sunday just after 1 p.m. from an address on the Paradise Valley Road.

A truck full of coin silage tipped over at Morgan and Two Valley Road Sunday at 2:21 p.m. The driver, Bradley Cunico, was arrested for Driving While Under the Influence.

Fire calls included multiple responses to a vehicle crash Monday morning on Highway 789 South of Lander; a two-vehicle crash on North 9th Street in Lander, two natural gas investigations, one each in Lander and Riverton, and four controlled burn reports.

All persons arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.