Library vandalized; Burglars caught; Eight arrests noted

Riverton Police responded to 36 calls for service on Wednesday. Items of note from the call log include:

A vandalism was reported at the Riverton Branch Library where a “huge rock” was thrown through a window on the east side of the building. A report is pending.

A report is pending on a shoplifting incident at Walgreens where four males were allegedly stealing aerosol deodorant on a daily basis.

An incident of road rage was reported on North Federal Boulevard where one vehicle allegedly cut off another. The reporting party said the other driver was now following her. A report is pending.

An incident of domestic violence is under investigation in Riverton.


15-year-old male from Riverton issued citation for possession of tobacco at Riverton Middle School

A 16-year-old male from Riverton Arrested for Burglary,

and An 18-year-old male from Riverton Dustin Bigmedicine arrested for burglary,

and A 12-year-old male from Riverton arrested for burglary.

and a 15-year-old male from Arapahoe arrested for burglary. All four ticketed for the burglary of a home in the 400 block of North 4th West

Arrested 38-year-old male from Riverton, Kenneth Hebah for open container and public Intoxication

Arrested 21-year-old male from Ethete, Joley Trosper for possession of a controlled substance and interference.

Arrested 25-year-old male from Ethete, Donald Clifford for Interference