School Improvement Plans okayed for Riverton schools

The Fremont County School District #25 Board of Trustees approved the school improvement plans for the Frontier Academy and the Riverton Middle School at its regular meeting Tuesday night.

Frontier Academy Principal Justin Taylor said the alternative high school has made good strides, but still has some work to do with increased the speed in which students obtain their high school degrees. Due to the nature of the school, many students do not graduate in four years, but some have taken five, six or even seven years to get their diploma. “In this plan, we will now track the students every three and one half weeks to make sure they are focused. We are also customizing some of the curriculum, not reducing the rigor, but concentrating on what we feel is important coursework they need to graduate.” He said Frontier students need the same number of credits to graduate as do students at Riverton High School.


RMS Principal Brant Nyberg also presented his school improvement plan. He said the school is partially meeting expectations and is working on a program to increase the proficiency of its English Language Learners with of a focus on vocabulary, reading and writing. In that regard he said two additional staff members are being added to work with students and to also engage with their families.