Tip Helps Solve Floating Headless Elk Case

After yesterday’s press release, members of the public came forward to help put the pieces together on an elk found in Rock Creek Reservoir. The elk was found with its head and antlers removed, and all edible meat was left to waste.

It turns out there was no wrong doing, according to the statement released by Game and Fish today:

A little over a week ago, individuals initially found the elk deceased in The Reservoir and called a Wyoming Game Warden to get permission to retain the head and antlers of the elk. Several days later, a second party discovered the elk and reported it to Lander Game Warden Brady Frude who arrived at the scene and began his investigation of what looked like a crime. 

When the initial reporting party saw the press release about the poached elk, they came forward a second time to help Warden Frude put the pieces together. 

Public tips are vital to solving wildlife cases and all the reporting parties did the right thing by contacting Game and Fish about what they found and getting approval from a warden prior to collecting the head and antlers of the elk. 

Game and Fish has multiple law enforcement personnel across the state, and this is one of the busiest times of the year, sometimes wardens may go for days without checking in with one another. So, thank you to all individuals involved in helping solve this mystery.