WGFD: Hyattville’s Renner Reservoir is back

WGFD Fisheries personnel have restocked Renner Reservoir with Largemouth Bass. WGFD Image

CODY – The Wyoming Game and Fish Department recently stocked largemouth bass in Renner Reservoir, bringing a multi-year rehabilitation effort of the 70 acre reservoir south of Hyattville to a close. 

With the help of generous landowner, Game and Fish captured 404 largemouth bass ranging in size from 3-14.5 inches from a nearby lake and transplanted them to Renner Reservoir.  “The average length of bass caught and transplanted was 11 inches, so most of the stocked fish were on the larger end of the length range” said Sam Hochhalter Cody Region fisheries supervisor.   “We were extremely fortunate to work with nearby landowner Gordon Crawford, owner of Spring Back Ranch who allowed access to gather these fish from Carouthers Lake.  Without his support and generosity, getting catchable largemouth bass into Renner to jump start the fishery this year, would not have been possible.”

The stocking of bass brings a multi-year rehabilitation effort of Renner Reservoir to a close.  “Most of the transplanted bass are sexually mature and will spawn next year, so we should see natural recruitment of this population,” Hochhalter said. “In addition, we will continue to look into options for stocking more bass next year.”