Water Feature consideration tabled; More information sought

This view of the Riverton City Park at East Main and North Federal will go unchanged for now as a request to build a water feature there was tabled indefinitely by the city council Tuesday night. Wyotoday photo by Ernie Over

The discussion didn’t take long at Tuesday’s Riverton City Council meeting. Only two residents gave testimony during a public comment period on the issue of authorizing a water feature at the end of East Main in City Park. Both spoke against the request.

The request was tabled after both city staff and several council members said they simply didn’t have enough information on costs to authorize the water feature, an undone project from the Main Street Reconstruction project some 13 years ago.

Councilor Tim Hancock made the motion to table any formal consideration of the request “until we get more information.”

The vote was 4-3 to table, with Rebecca Schatza, Mike Bailey and Mayor Guard voting no. Councilors Hancock, Karla Borders, Kyle Larson and Cory Rota voted in favor of tabling the issue.

City Administrator Tony Tolstedt said the request could be brought back up at any time in the future when proponents of the project could gather the required information.

The project was supported by former Mayor Ron Warpness and several members of the original downtown beautification committee, including Jerry Kintzler and James Gores. They had their time before the council two weeks ago. See that post here.