Shipping Containers Okayed for Residential areas on First Reading

A green conex shipping container. Wikipedia Commons licensed for re-use.

The topic that took up the majority of Tuesday night’s Riverton City Council meeting involved a proposed ordinance to allow shipping containers to be placed in residential areas, under certain conditions. The ordinance was on first reading.

Former councilmember Lance Goede spoke against the issue as did Realtor Curt Galitz, both of whom indicated placement of the containers would devalue a neighborhood. Goede said that “regardless of their location, shipping containers give a commercial or industrial look to an area,” which he said was detrimental to a residential neighborhood.

Before council members spoke, Rebecca Schatza made a motion to approve the ordinance, which was seconded by Mike Bailey. In discussion, Councilors Kyle Larson and Tim Hancock spoke agains the ordinance for a variety of reasons. Bailey said he took the Libertarian view that people should be given the ability to do what they want on their own property. Mayor Gard said if neighborhoods didn’t want shipping containers, they could consider restrictive covenants.

Ultimately the measure passed on first reading on a 5-2 vote with Larson and Hancock voting no.

The ordinance will come up again on second and third readings at upcoming meetings.