Police lunched with Jaguars on Friday at Jackson School

Members of the Riverton Police Department lunched with elementary school kids at Jackson Elementary School on Friday and went to recess with them. RPD Photos

Riverton Police Chief Eric Murphy and members of the RPD had lunch with elementary school students from Jackson Elementary on Friday enjoying a sandwich, some fries, a banana and milk. The officers also had a chance to go to recess with the kids for some outdoor fun.

RPD Photos

Each of the officers also received a hand written letter from the students. One of the letters was featured on the RPD FaceBook Page along with the following comment:

“Today a young man in the second grade discussed with me how he wanted to grow up to be a police officer. How he thought that when the planes hit the buildings, the police went running toward it to help, and that made them hero’s. I couldn’t agree more.


“Thank you and your class for thanking us today, through letters like the one below, through talking with us and even playing at recess; but more importantly thank you for learning about and honoring the New York fallen as hero’s because they truly are.”