Searches successful in Wind River Range; Haystack fire smouldering

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch Center received 57 calls for service on Thursday, including 13 ambulance calls and two fire calls. Six persons were booked into the detention center, which today is responsible for 207 inmates. Of those, one is on home detention and 21 inmates are being held outside of the community.

From the call log:

There was a minor vehicle crash on the East Fork Road when a tree was struck. No injuries were reported.

A couple reported missing on a hike to the Wind River Peak area in the Wind River Range were located by helicopter and rescued without incident.

Another report of a missing person above Sinks Canyon was solved when a second four wheeler emerged before deputies arrived saying the other ATV had just broken out.

A haystack fire in the 2200 block of Riverview Road is creating lots of smoke in the Riverton and Arapahoe areas.

All persons arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.