School Bus fly-by reported; Two drunk drivers detained

Riverton Police responded to 39 calls for service on Wednesday. From the call log…

Another school bus drive-by was reported at 2:59 p.m. in the 200 block of North 12th East. Video of the suspect vehicle passing the bus while it’s flashing light were on was obtained.

A city parks truck had a collision with a red Dodge at South Broadway and East Monroe at 8:17 a.m. There were no injuries.

A bad check was received by Plains Tire Company. Police took a report.

A report is pending on an animal abuse complaint of dogs that were allegedly not being taken care of and left out in the rain all day without shelter in the 300 block of East Monroe.

Police received a tip that five individuals had entered the back door of an unoccupied dwelling in the 600 block of East Fremont.


A 13-year-old male issued citation for possession of tobacco at Riverton Middle School

A 14 year-old-male issued citation for possession of tobacco at the Riverton Middle School

Arrested 32-year-old male from Riverton Peter Blackburn for Riverton municipal Warrant

Arrested 58-year-old male from Ethete, Anderson Antelope for Public Intoxication

A 16-year-old male from Riverton Issued citation for Minor under the influence of alcohol

Arrested 25-year-old male from Saint Stephens, Mychal Goggles for Criminal Trespass.

Arrested-39-year-old female from Riverton Belinda Arthur for Criminal Trespass.

Arrested 32-year-old male from Riverton, Charles Potter for Criminal Trespass.

Arrested 39-year-old male from Casper, Martin Brown for Criminal Trespass.

Arrested 45-year-old female from Riverton Cherie Killsree for Criminal Trespass

Arrested 32-year-old male from Arapahoe, Craig C’Bearing for Pedestrians Under the Influence.

Arrested 58-year-old male from Ethete, Anderson Antelope for Pedestrians Under the Influence

A 26-year-old female from Riverton was issued a citation for Harboring vicious dog after it had bitten a man on Birch Avenue. The bite broke the skin of the victim.

Arrested 23-year-old male from Ethete, Shilo Blindman for Driving While Under the Influence

Arrested 30-year-old male from Riverton, Vincent Burnett for Driving While Under the Influence

All persons arrested or cited are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.