Student handcuffed; Man beaten; Crossing Guard hit vehicle in crosswalk

Wednesday’s report:

The Riverton Police received 30 calls for service on Wednesday. Among the calls were the following items:

A report is pending on an incident at Riverton High School Tuesday in the 1 p.m. hour where a person was placed in handcuffs for being disorderly.

A man who had been beaten around the face was taken to t he hospital by ambulance after he stumbled into the Red Eagle Exxon in the 200 block of North Federal. The person received medical treatment at the hospital.

A vehicle rear-ended a Fremont County School District 1 school bus transporting Lander’s eighth grade football team at 8:37 p.m. at Highway 789 and the Rendevous Road intersection. The RPD provided minimal assistance at the site. There were minor injuries to nine students.

A report of electric wires arcing in the 700 block of North First was received at 7 a.m Wednesday morning.

Tuesday’s Arrests:

Arrested 34-year-old female from Riverton, Delain Sunrhodes for Public Intoxication and two Riverton Municipal Warrants

Arrested 32-year-old male from Riverton, Edward Piper for Possession of a controlled substance

Arrested 27-year-old male from Riveron, Lonnie Parham for Probation Revocation

Arrested 42-year-old male from Riverton, Troy Gothard for Fremont County Warrant

Arrested 29-year-old male from Saint Stephens, Francis Acebo Driving While Under the Infleunce of Alcohol and Possession of a Controlled Substance

All persons arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.

Monday’s report:

Riverton Police responded to 27 calls for service on Monday, including:

A dead bat was found in a residence in the 500 block of North 2nd West.

A crossing guard at the Riverton Middle School reportedly lashed out and struck a vehicle that passed through a crosswalk without stopping. A report is pending. According to city ordinances, if a person is heading toward a crosswalk, or is on the sidewalk next to the crosswalk a motorist is required to stop. A pedestrian does not have to be physically in the crosswalk for a violation to occur.

Monday’s Arrests

Arrested 25-year-old male from Riverton Kyle Bird for Driving While Under the Influence

Arrested 23-year-old male from Riverton Tisten Ehle for CAST Violation

Arrested 22-year-old male from Riverton, Zachary Coles for Fremont County Warrant

Arrested 43-year-old male from Riverton, Paul Blackbear for Fremont County Warrant

Arrested 58-year-old male from Ethete, Anderson Antelope for Public Intoxication

Arrested 23-year-old female, Jillian C’Bearing for Driving While Under the Influence and no interlock device

All persons arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law.