School Board to review Air/ground Ambulance insurance

Hospital Emergency Room Staff trained with Classic Air Medical personnel on Hot and cold loading of patients on a helicopter. SageWest photo by Lindsey Anderson

The Riverton School Board Tuesday night was given information that the district administration is considering changing to a different air/ground ambulance insurance policy for its employees.

Currently, district employees are covered by the AirMed Care Group (Guardian) for emergency transport anywhere in the United States, as long as the carrier is in the AirMed network.

Superintendent Terry Snyder said Fremont County has the highest number of ambulance flights out to other medical facilities in the state with 110-130 per month. Sublette county is second, at 30 flights per month. Snyder noted that the county is served by multiple air ambulance services, including Classic Medical, Wyoming Life Flight, and fixed wing medical aircraft out of Salt Lake City, Billings and Idaho Falls.

Snyder said an alternative product the district is considering is MASA-Medical Transport Solutions. He said the company offers thousands of ambulance providers and hundreds of air ambulance carriers, not restricted to just Guardian.”It is a true insurance policy,” he told the board.

He said that some 234 district employees already purchase the MASA insurance each year. Cost per household is $168. He said if the district would purchase the MASA insurance, the cost would be $87,360. AirMed’s (Guardian’s) cost is going up this fall to $23,400.

Snyder said the average cost of an air ambulance flight is around $80,000. “It is a good investment for our employees. They might not need it until they need it, and I know of four or five families hat would be close to bankruptcy if they did not have the coverage.,” he said.

Snyder said the issue would be brought back to the board at the next meeting for further review.