Fishhawk Fire and Stink Water Fire Update

CODY, WY – Management of both the Fishhawk Fire and the Stink Water Fire transferred from Rocky Mountain Incident Management Blue Team back to local resources at 6:00pm Monday, September 9th.

Increased precipitation along with cooler temperatures continue to moderate fire activity on both the Fishhawk Fire, located 40 miles west of Cody, and the Stink Water Fire, which is located 35 miles northwest of Cody. It was previously confirmed that both fires were caused by lightning.

The area closure for the Fishhawk Fire has decreased slightly; the closure includes the drainages of Kitty Creek, Fishhawk Creek, Mesa Creek, and Sheep Creek, but no longer includes the Blackwater Creek drainage. Please respect the area closure for the Fishhawk Fire as it remains in place for public safety. The closure of Sulphur Creek Road, NSFR 108, has been lifted.


The public is advised that both fires could continue to put additional smoke in the air throughout the coming weeks until a season ending precipitation event occurs. Due to its location and the amount of fuel in the area, the Fishhawk Fire has the potential to become more active if there are several days in a row of hot, dry weather. Both fires will be monitored for changing conditions.

Pending developments on the Fishhawk Fire or the Stink Water Fire, this will be the last daily update.