Fremont Local Foods close to opening a shared kitchen

Fremont Local Food's Jack Schmidt said the ad hoc organization is close to opening a shared kitchen at the former Riverton Airport Cafe location. WyoToday photo by Ernie Over

It won’t be long now. That was the report Tuesday from Fremont Local Foods spokesman Jack Schmidt who said the group’s leased kitchen at the Airport Cafe would be inspected on Wednesday. Schmidt appeared on the Wind River Radio Network’s morning Let’s Talk Fremont program.

After that, he said, the shared and certified kitchen would be open for the making of food products that can be sold at local Farmer’s Markets and to local grocery outlets. But, he said, there are still a few details to iron out.

Schmidt said in order to make the kitchen sustainable, he is embarking on a Food Hub Membership Club, with details to come in the near future. He said it would give local residents a way to help the kitchen produce local food and keep the airport facility open.

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