Healing ride with horses set from P’ville to Ethete

September is Suicide Awareness and Prevention Month. Among the events scheduled in the county this week is a Suicide Prevention Awareness and Healing Ride from Pavillion to Ethete on Saturday.

Northern Arapaho Suicide Prevention Coordinator Elk Sage said the ride with horses will be at a walking pace. The event starts at the Wind River Recreation Center in Pavillion, stops at the Kinnear Fire Hall at the half-way mark for refreshments, and continues on to the St.Michael’s Circle at Ethete.

Sage said there would be 16 saddle horses available, and he said anyone with a horse is welcome to join the healing event “to move together and support one another.” He also said the effort is to support “our county’s healing and battle against suicide.”

The event begins with a breakfast at 8 a.m. at the Pavillion Rec Center to be followed at 9 a.m. with prayer, speakers, the Eagle Drum Singers, a cedaring of the riders and horses and begining of the “ride.”

Fremont County Prevention’s Tauna Groomsmith said the event is “providing a sense of community and safe environment to engage and encourage healing, while creating a culture that understands the value of emotional and mental health in suicide prevention.”

The event is sponsored by the Fremont County PreventionProgram and the Northern Arapaho Suicide Prevention Program.