Columbine Survivor talked about the value of live during a RMS event

There was an excellent turnout on September 3 at the Riverton Middle School for a Value Up program featuring Columbine High School shooting survivor Craig Scott. His presentation was titled “Raising up the Value of Human Life.”

In a combination speech and PowerPoint presentation, Scott related the events of that tragic day, how he lost two friends huddling with him under a table in the school’s library, and how he lost his sister to the shooters.

The key points from Scott’s presentation he offered to the attendees were:

• I have high value

• I will choose things that match how valuable I am

• I will value others.

He also urged the audience to:

• Treat People like they are valuable

• Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about

• Look hard enough and you will always find a light

Scott also told the audience that four strong emotions can be translated into positives. They are:

1.) Anger to Determination

2.) Fear into Courage

3.) Sadness into Appreciation for Life

4.) Nervousness into Excitement

Scott talked while showing a photo of he and his sister in happier, younger times.
WyoToday Photo by Janet Horton