Fire 13 miles from Dubois in Fitzpatrick Wilderness downsized

DUBOIS, WY—August 29, 2019— Following a low-level flight over the Bomber Lake Fire late yesterday afternoon, the fire is estimated at 20 acres, which is smaller than originally reported. It has been confirmed that the cause of the fire was lightning from a passing thunderstorm on August 23rd.

As public and firefighter safety continue to be the number one priority, Shoshone National Forest fire managers are recommending no travel into the Bomber Creek area. This information has been posted at both the new and old Glacier Trail trailheads.

Managers will continue to allow this fire to play its natural role within the Fitzpatrick Wilderness. Due to steep, rugged terrain and the low probability of the fire leaving the current location, fire managers will monitor the fire using a combination of aerial platforms, lookout observations, and a remote camera that will view the fire from a distance. This camera will be put into place on Friday, August 30th.


Updated information will be posted on Inciweb ( as any new developments occur. This will be the final release pending further information.