OT now a service at Lander’s Teton Therapy Clinic

Keely Tatro, Teton Therapy Occupational Therapist
A Feature Story  with Teton Therapy

You know Keely Tatro as soon as you enter the building. She’s always smiling, has an outgoing personality and is eager to help. She’s the new occupational therapist at Teton Therapy in Lander. She also heads up the O.T. area at Teton Therapy’s clinic in Riverton. While she’s been in Riverton for some time now, she’s just started serving Teton clients in Lander.

“Occupational therapy is a combination of mind and body where we focus on function,” she said. “It includes a person’s ability to perform daily tasks, enjoy hobbies, feed themselves and get dressed, a holistic approach.”

She also uses her position to do education on occupational therapy issues.

Most of her work is on upper body issues. “We work on barriers that keep people from being able to perform tasks or if they are in pain,” she said. “from your neck to your fingertips, including rotator cuff injuries or carpal tunnel in your hands and wrist.”

An Omaha native, Tatro began her career on a brain injury team in Houston. “I got a lot of experience there about how the mind and body work together and how we can create a better diagnosis for the best prognosis.”

She said Teton’s goal is the client’s personal goal. “We focus on what the client wants.”

Tatro sees Occupational Therapy clients in Lander on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1 to 6 p.m. and is available in Riverton on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

“Don’t forget we have free consults,” she said.

Teton Therapy’s Riverton office is on West Main Street in Riverton across from the Pit Stop Travel Center and across from the Lander Children’s Museum off of Lincoln Street in Lander.