Community Service Organization Gathering Draws a Large Crowd

On Monday night, the Community Engagement Committee (CEC) of Riverton hosted the Community Service Organization Gathering with the hopes of creating a network of the community’s groups and volunteers.

The Meeting

The meeting was held in Riverton City Hall and drew a crowd of over 50 people hoping to share their causes, programs, non-profits, and interests to the rest of the Riverton Community. Individuals were asked to introduce themselves to the room by stating their name, who they represent, their favorite cereal, a 6 month goal for their group, and how volunteers and community members could contact them.

As each person shared, the room filled with positive messages from groups like the PAWS for Life Animal League, The Special Olympics, The Open Hand Ranch, and even the Riverton Little League.

Lindsey Cox Explained that the Riverton Little League has a multitude of kids from different age groups that are on teams. This includes a tournament coming next week that will bring 250+ kids and families to the Riverton Area.
Jenni Wildcat, while she is a part of a handful of boards and organizations, spoke about the Special Olympics and the need for Coaches and Partners for teams and events. She also added that she is a contact for Cultural Sensitivity training for groups or local businesses.
While most groups were looking for volunteers and board members, Jazmine Wildcat spoke about several groups that she represented that were looking to get youth into community service relationships with the community. This included UNITY, the Wind River United National Indian Tribal Youth Council.

A Directory of all participants will be kept by the CEC and published to be available for community members and businesses aiming to get involved in local groups that align with their interests. As you can see below, the room was full of go-getter groups working hard to make Riverton a better place.

The board of groups/participants in the meeting. These will be transcribed by the CEC into an Excel Document.

Several thoughts were common among conversation in the room:

  • The Need for Board Members in these community organizations.
  • The Need for Volunteers and Coaches.
  • Communication between groups could help groups work together vs. against one another.
  • The positive momentum behind the Riverton Community

City of Riverton Website

During the gathering, City Administrator, Tony Tolstedt gave the group a tutorial on the Calendar portion of the new City Website. After a basic overview, Tolstedt explained that the website could be used for posting events to a central location.

To Upload:

Hover over the “How do I” Tab, Tap “Submit“, and finally “Event or News Item.”

When asked if the calendar would be monitored, Tolstedt elaborated that the it is not for commercial use, but groups would not be required to be a certified non-profit, for the time being. Another feature that the Calendar boasts is the ability to send notifications to your email about events that are listed.

Another area to explore on the website includes the Interactive Map, in which Tolstedt applauded Deputy City Clerk/Administrative Assistant Megan Sims for her idea.

Economic Development

At the close of the meeting, Vice President and Executive Director for IDEA Incorporated, Kevin Kershisnik informed the crowd about the tab for Economic Development on the website.

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