Police deal with huge variety of service calls, from A-Z

Each day the Riverton Police Department issues a call log of the previous day’s request for services. Only a few of the calls make the regular news report, but taken as a whole, officers are busy all day long.

For example, earlier this week (on Tuesday) officers handled:

• Three animal calls including a raccoon in a trap, a found kitten, and a found dog.

• There were six citizen assist calls, ranging from questions for an officer to a request for finger printing to a citizen dispute that police refereed.

• One escort was provided for a funeral.

• There was one call for an indecent exposure with someone urinating on the side of a business.

• There was one call regarding a problem with a juvenile.

• Officers performed five inspections to certify vehicle identification numbers.

• Two traffic collisions were investigated

• There were two warrant arrests made

• Officers assisted another agency on a call regarding a runaway

• There was one trespassing call

• One sexual assault was reported

• Police confronted a man yelling at store employees through a drive through window and moved that person along.

• One minor under the influence call was recorded

• There were three intoxicated person calls, including one drunk driver and one REDDI (Report Every Drunk Driver Immediately) call.

• One noise complaint was received

• A suspicious person report was called in

• One vandalism was reported where windows were broken out

• Officers responded to a call of a family fight

• A missing child was reported for about an hour, but later located safe and sound, and,

• A traffic offense of a motorcycle weaving in and out of traffic was reported. Another non-specified traffic offense was called in on a truck.

Police also made five arrests during that day.