Riverton Splash Pad Scheduled to Reopen

After being closed for several weeks, the Riverton Splash Pad is set to reopen Tuesday, July 2. The intermittent closures began in the beginning of June with problems stemming from the filtration system.

City Crews, staff, and the contractor worked diligently to find a solution to getting the popular splash pad open again. When the Riverton Splash Pad Facebook Page was asked if extra funds would have to be used to aid the situation, the page assured the public, “no extra funds will be used to ensure the Splash Pad is operating as intended (designed). The contractor has been great to work with!” After reinstalling a new filtration system,
City of Riverton Parks Foreman informed the Splash Pad group that hours will continue as normal starting tomorrow.

The community will be able to enjoy the Riverton Splash Pad from 10am to 8pm.

After first opening, the Riverton Splash Pad Facebook page had some concerns to keep in mind…

Remember, the Splash Pad can be turned on during those hours by tapping the Green Pole with a Red Top, located on the pad itself.

And of course… HAVE FUN!