Missing in Little Wind River: Man jumped in, disappeared

Sheriff Ryan Lee, Undersheriff Mike Hutchinson, Deputy Don Detimore, left, look downstream where a man is missing after he was seen jumping into the river. Wyotoday photo by Ernie Over

Monday morning update: The missing man in the Little Wind and/or Wind River has not been located. One team is out on the river today from the Little Wind River Bridge south of Riverton to Boysen reservoir searching the riverbanks. Sheriff Ryan Lee said the man entered the river on Saturday evening during a foot chase with BIA Wind River Police Department Officers. According to Lee, the man jumped from the riverbank into to the fast running river, floated for some distance and then disappeared from sight.

Search teams dragged the river on Sunday afternoon, evening.

Original story:

Fremont County Law Enforcement agencies from the county, reservation, city and state were on the scene at the Little Wind River bridge Sunday looking for a man who jumped into the river and disappeared.

Fremont County Sheriff Ryan Lee and Undersheriff Mike Hutchinson said a law enforcement officer saw the man jump into the river from the bank near the Little Wind River Bridge South of Riverton. The man apparently floated downstream for a short distance and then disappeared from sight.


The Riverton Fire Department’s water rescue team and the Fremont County Search and Rescue team was on site along with deputies from the Sheriff’s Office, officers from the BIA Wind River Police Department and a State Trooper from the Wyoming Highway Patrol.

The man’s identity is not known, according to Sheriff Lee. A command post had been established underneath the bridge.

Preparations are underway Sunday afternoon to drag the river in hopes of finding the man’s body.