Uden recants confession, said he didn’t kill Virginia and the boys

Part of the book cover of Alice & Gerald by Ron Franscell published by Prometheus Books

In an interesting and but not totally unexpected turn of events, convicted murderer Gerald Uden, who confessed to killing his wife Virginia and her two boys near Pavillion 40 years ago, now says he didn’t do it.

It took numerous law enforcement personnel and agencies four decades to finally crack the case of the missing Pavillion woman and her three boys.

Within hours after his wife Alice died in a Nebraska hospital, Gerald Uden penned a letter to author Ron Franscell, who wrote the book Alice and Gerald about the couple’s murderous exploits, saying it was Alice who killed the three.

Alice herself was convicted of killing a previous husband and, with Gerald, were both serving life sentences for the four murders.

The Ranger quoted a letter sent to Franscell where Uden said he said he didn’t dump the bodies in Fremont Lake as he had previously confessed, but instead said Alice killed the three and he didn’t know where the bodies are.

In the letter, he said he wanted to come clean. Uden is serving a life sentence in the Wyoming State Medium Security Prison in Torrington.

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