Lander sending 11 students to National History Day

Rotarian Dominic Weigel introduced the Lander History Day Students heading to nationals. Three students were unable to attend and are not pictured. WyoToday photo by Ernie Over

Eleven Fremont County School District #1 students will be headed to the Nation’s Capitol on June 8-13 for the United State’s annual History Day Competition. The students gave a preview of their presentations to the Lander Rotary Club on Wednesday.

This year’s competition marks the third consecutive trip to nationals by LVHS Juniors Kameron Brough and Caleb Russell. Last year, Brough’s team won third place nationally.

Heading to nationals are seventh graders Randall Wise, Jacob Neely, Brett Pettibone and Meesna Prine; 8th graders Jamison Thatch, Anna Nielsen, Hanna Neuendorf and Mia Witaker, plus high school Freshman Rebecca Brough and LVHS juniors Kameron Brough and Caleb Russel.

The students, either individually or in teams, will present their research on the Tragedy and Triumph of the following topics:

• The Yellowstone Fires of 1988. The tragedy was the fire that consumed 63 percent of the park’s timber and the triumph was the forest’s recovery.

• Marilyn Monroe. The triumph was her illustrious career in Hollywood and the tragedy was a little known fact of her life-long schizophrenia.

• The explorer Meriwether Lewis. The triumph was his co-leading the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the West Coast after the Louisiana Purchase and the tragedy was his life-long depression and eventual suicide.

• Apollo 13. The tragedy of NASA’s aborted landing on the moon was an explosion that crippled the space capsule. The triumph was the successful return of the astronauts back to earth.

Unable to attend Wednesday’s noon Rotary Club meeting were students whose projects included the Cambodian genocide and Hollywood actress Hedy Lamar.