Nurse shortage forcing changes at County’s Public Health Office in Lander

The entrance to the Public Health Nurses office at the Courthouse in Lander

The Fremont County Commissioners Tuesday agreed to a temporary measure that will keep the Fremont County Public Health Nursing office in the Lander courthouse open every day through August 15th, but nurses at the office would only be available two days each week beginning the first of July.

Public Health Nursing Supervisor Kathleen Laidlaw said the move is due to the loss of two nurses, leaving only five nurses to cover the county.

Laidlaw said there was not sufficient traffic to staff the Lander office with nurses full time. She emphasized, though, that the Lander nurses would still be out in the community doing work, just not at the courthouse full time. She said the Riverton office on North 8th West would remain staffed on a daily basis due to the higher number of patients seen there, compared to Lander.

The vote was not unanimous as Commissioner Clarence Thomas was opposed to the plan, while acting chairman Larry Allen,and commissioners Jennifer McCarty and Mike Jones voted in favor of the temporary staffing, with plans to revisit the issue in August.