County Valuation pegged at $700 Million for new FY

County Assessor Tara Berg, County Treasurer Tom Majdic and Deputy Treasurer Jim Anderson gave updates to the county commissioners this morning. Listening in are acting chairman Larry Allen, foreground, and Commissioner Mike Jones, far left Photo by Ernie Over

Fremont County Assessor Tara Berg told the county commissioners this morning that the projected assessed valuation for Fremont County is expected to be about five percent higher than last year, at around $700-million dollars.

Berg said nine property owners have submitted protests to their valuation, one of which is Burlington Resources/Conoco Phillips, operators of the Lost Cabin Natural Gas Plant.

“I’m not sure how much valuation those nine protests encompass at this point, but our projection is for an increase in the county valuation.

The treasurer’s office reported they anticipate general fund revenue for the next fiscal year at 21.35 million dollars. That amount represents an increase of 180-thosand dollars.

Of course, it was noted the county valuation of the Lost Cabin facility could alter the above numbers, depending on the outcome of the valuation protest.

Lost Cabin Plant Update

On the topic of the Lost Cabin Gas Plant, Acting Commission Chairman Larry Allen today said Burlington Resources/Conoco Phillips would rebuild the train three unit that was heavily damaged by fire earlier in the year. “They have pledged $37-million dollars to bring that third train back on line, the production of which would benefit the county’s revenue stream.

Allen said the company is hoping to have the third train back on line sometime in 2020.