The National Weather Service recommends those planning on summer burning to check weather conditions first to prevent a controlled burn from getting out of control. Photo by Ernie Over

Spring burning? Plan ahead

The National Weather Service Forecast Office at Riverton Regional Airport has issued guidance to those who plan to do spring agricultural and weed burning.

Each year, as the spring burning season increases, at least a few of these burns get out of control. The latest incident occurred this past weekend when multiple vehicles, out buildings and a home were destroyed with what began as a controlled burn.

The Weather Service theme this spring is “Learn Before You Burn!”


According to Tim Troutman at the Riverton weather office, a calm morning could turn breezy in the afternoon. He recommends anyone planning a burn to have an up-to-date wind speed and direction forecast before lighting a burn.

To get the latest local weather conditions, consult the weather service web site at weather-dot-gov slash Riverton.