Local News 8/2/17


(Cheyenne) – It’s an historic moment: grizzly bears are recovered and have been taken off the Endangered Species List.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department says the management of grizzly bears in the entire Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem returns to Wyoming and the other states and tribes in the ecosystem.

Wildlife Division Chief Brian Nesvik says on the ground management of grizzlies will change very little as the goal is to effectively maintain a recovered population so the species will never need federal protections again.

The State of Wyoming has spent $45 million on grizzly bear recovery and management over the decades they have been on the Endangered Species List.



(Riverton) – Retail gasoline prices in Wyoming have risen almost two cents over the past week to an average of $2.23 this week, which compares to a national average that has increased 3-and-a-half cents to $2.31.

GasBuddy says Wyoming’s prices are a penny higher than they were one year ago but one cent lower than a month ago.

Around the region, gas is selling for $2.20 in Fort Collins, $2.35 in Billings and $2.42 in Ogden.

GasBuddy says crude oil prices are going up and August will likely feature the summer’s highest gasoline prices.



(Washington) – A report from the U.S. Energy Information Administration says Wyoming was the Number One energy supplier in 2015 followed by Texas, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and North Dakota.

Overall, 12 states produced more primary energy than they consumed, while 38 states and the District of Columbia were net recipients of energy.

Wyoming has the smallest population of any state and ranks 42nd out of 51 in terms of energy consumption.

The report says Wyoming leads the nation in coal production, accounting for more than 40 percent of the national total in 2015 and is the sixth-highest natural gas-producing state.



(Boulder, CO) – Outdoor recreation in Wyoming is a huge economic force generating 5.6 billion dollars annually in consumer spending, directly contributing 50-thousand jobs and providing $514 million in state and local tax revenue.

A report released last week by the Outdoor Industry Association says that 73 percent of Wyoming’s 585-thousand residents participate in outdoor recreation each year.

The report also shows that 5-thousand jobs in Wyoming depend on trail and snow sports, which is just as many as jobs that are dependent on coal.

The report adds outdoor recreation in Wyoming generates 1.6 billion dollars in wages and salaries.