Local News 4/28/17


(Riverton) – Contracts totaling 61 million dollars were awarded at the April meeting of the Wyoming Transportation Commission.

More than half that amount, 33 million dollars, went to a Utah company that will rebuild about five miles of highway south of Jackson to resolve roadway deficiencies and accommodate increasing traffic.

A two million dollar contract was approved for a road surfacing project on Wyoming 136, the Gas Hills Road, east of Riverton.

A 2.9 million dollar contract for bridge deck resurfacing at various locations in Fremont, Big Horn, Hot Springs and Park counties was also approved by the commission.



(Cheyenne) – When mice get into closed areas and leave droppings behind, hantavirus infection is a potentially deadly health threat.

The Wyoming Department of Health says humans can become infected when they breathe in airborne particles or the virus touches broken skin.

Fourteen human hantavirus cases, including seven that resulted in death, have been reported in Wyoming since 1999.

Areas that have been infested with mice should be ventilated at least 30 minutes before cleaning operations begin and protective clothing including a respirator should be used.



(Mammoth) – A new National Park Service report shows that a record 4.25 million people visited Yellowstone National Park last year.

The report says those visitors spent over 524 million dollars in communities near the park supporting more than 81-hundred jobs in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

About a third of the tourist spending is for lodging followed by food and beverages, gas and oil, admission fees and souvenirs.

Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk says the park attracts people from around the world who contribute significant to the local economies.