Hot Springs County Arrests – 2017

Hot Springs County SheriffThe following reports are provided by the Hot Springs County Detention Center. All those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


June 22 Arrests

Jake Maksin – Possession of Controlled Substance – Marijuana

Kendra Wozney – DUI 2nd

June 20 Arrests

Mildred Fraser – DUI 2nd

June 17 Arrests

James Len Folson – Sexual Assault

June 15 Arrests

Mega Raczon – Violation of Probation Order

Jody White – Simple Assault, Interference, Breach of Peace

June 11 Arrests

Ann Quintan – DUI

Deanna Morgan – Trespassing

Yolanda Bryan – Failure to Pay Child Support

Justin Wagner – Failure to Pay Fines

June 9 Arrests

Colton Robertson – Probation Revocation

Matthew Schwan – Vehicular Homicide

Scott Jackson – DUI, Driving without Interlock

June 8 Arrests

Tonya Tsakas – Probation Violation

Brent Alan Bitton- Public Intoxication

June 7 Arrests

Joshua Wilson – Breach of Peace

June 6 Arrests

Emma Petty – Probation Revocation

June 5 Arrests

Joshua David Wilson – Public Intoxication


May 27 Arrests

Layne Walz – Probation Violation

May 24 Arrests 

Kristen McIntye – 35 – Failure to Appear

Layne Walz – Probation Violation

May 21 Arrests

Haeley Rhae Dorman – DUI

May 17 Arrests

Jessica Bledsoe – Natrona County Warrant

Steven Bledsoe – Natrona County Warrant

May 15 Arrests

Joseph Perl McCain – DUI

May 11 Arrests

Jacob Brawley – Driving Under Suspension & FCSO Warrant

Jared Dumas – Domestic Assault & Interference with Emergency Call

May 10 Arrests

Shealene Dorothy

May 6 Arrests

Jeremy C. Smith – Possession of Controlled Substance

Brandon Reo Boren – DUI 2nd

May 5 Arrests

Halston Williams – Public Intoxication

May 4 Arrests

Caleb Lee Parker – Platte Co. Warrant

May 2 Arrests

Jared Simon Tyler – Public Intoxication

Darrell Lyle Moss, Jr. – Public Intoxication

Aletea Renee Moss – Public Intoxication

Jasmine Milliawna Bell – DUI

May 1 Arrests

David Richard jolliff – DUI, Speeding, No Insurance, No Drivers License


April 28 Arrests

Jason Flint – Colorado Warrant

April 25 Arrests

John Baker – Probation Revocation/Child Endangering

April 21 Arrests

Shealene Dorothy

April 19 Arrests

Cody Johnson – Fremont County Warrant, No Registration

Tyler Asay – Possession with Intent

April 18 Arrests

Christine Jorgensen – Probation Revocation and Failure to Appear

April 15th Arrests

Martin Goens – DUI

April 9th Arrests

Joseph Billy Watkins – DUI

April 8th Arrests

David Allen Roberson – Interference with a Peach Officer

Shawn Douglas Goodman – Possession of Controlled Substance X2

April 4 Arrests

Jesse Allen Hey – DUI


March 31 Arrests

John Paul Godsy – Public Intoxication

Joseph Clancy – Public Intoxication

March 30 Arrests

Leah Rae Baker – DUI and Controlled Substance

March 28 Arrests

Whitley Paige Eberle

March 27 Arrests

Lisa Williams – Domestic

March 26 Arrests

Shane Boren – Trespassing

March 25 Arrests

Robert Hunter – Violation of Bond

March 24 Arrests

Vicki Rowan – Breach of Peace & No Insurance

March 32 Arrests

Keith Bapst – Use of Controlled Substance

March 21 Arrest

Emma Yvonne Petty – DUI 3rd


February 8 Arrests

Debra Bauer – DUI

February 7 Arrests

Loryjay SunRhodes – Failure to Appear (Breach of Peace)

February 5 Arrests

Shealene Dorothy – DWUI

Michael Ramsey – DWUI


January 30 Arrests

Joshua Hoyer

Jacquelyn Tuttle

January 25 Arrests

Brooke Jorgenson – Washakie County Boarder

Ariana Sonesen – Washakie County Boarder

January 23 Arrests

Layne Walz – Violation Protection Order

January 22 Arrests

Ricky Dale Dyer – Hold for other Agency

January 17 Arrests

Alton Leroy Ramsey – Driving While Under the Influence

Jimee Kastner – Driving Under the Influence

Salahuddin Najar – Probation Revocation

January 15 Arrests

William Piper – Failure to Appear – Driving Under the Influence

Hanes Hall – Aggravated Assault on Officer

January 13 Arrests

Brian Jackson – Park County Warrant

January 12 Arrests

Gene Deveraux – Carbon County, MT Warrant

January 8 Arrests

Jennifer Shires – Driving Under the Influence

January 7 Arrests

Gerald Frazer Jr – Driving Under the Influence

January 6 Arrests

Reed McMillan – Driving Under Suspension, Compulsory Insurance

Michael SunRhodes – FCSO, Court Hearing Monday

January 1 Arrests

Jacquelyn Marie Tuttle – Driving Under Suspension

Hector Manuel Cruz – Driving Under the Influence

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