Hot Springs County Arrests – 2016

Hot Springs County SheriffThe following reports are provided by the Hot Springs County Detention Center. All those arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


December 27 Arrests

Christopher L. Mower – Driving Under the Influence

December 22 Arrests

Joshua W. Hoyer – Failure to Register

December 15 Arrests

Kenneth Pulver – Driving Under the Influence

December 14 Arrests

Karl Burt Loos – Parole & Probation Hold

December 13 Arrests

Robert Hunter – Driving Under the Influence

December 10 Arrests

LaQuresha Aoah – Sweetwater County Warrant

Colton Robertson – Driving While Under the Influence

December 6 Arrests

Matthew Halbert – Driving Under the Influence, Driving Under Suspension, Interference

December 4 Arrests

Donna Jo Caress – Driving Under the Influence


November 29 Arrests

Arthur Wade Grieve – Probation Revocation, Forgery, Possession of Controlled Substance

November 22 Arrests

Bronco Lonebear – Driving Under the Influence

Novmeber 17 Arrests

Shane Boren – Destruction of Property, Probation Revocation

November 13 Arrests

Keith Lance – Driving Under the Influence

November 9 Arrests

David Alan Roberson – Public Intoxication

November 7 Arrests

Nicholas Hout – Fremont County Hold

November 2 Arrests

Jason Brown – Possession of Controlled Substand x3, Fremont County Warrant – Failure to Appear

Loren Durgin – Possession of Controlled Substance

Crawford Oldman – Fremont County Warrant – Probation Revocation

November 1 Arrests

Eugene Critella – Failure to Appear


October 25 Arrests

Jeremy Johnston – Park County Warrant

Simon Longneck – Intoxicated Pedestrian on Highway

October 24 Arrests

Autumn Boyle – DUI/Child Endangering

October 18 Arrests

Karl Bert David Loos – Domestic Violence/Interference

October 14 Arrests

Vicki Rowan – Breach of Peace/Interference

October 8 Arrests

Jeremy Clyde Smith – Possess Controlled Substance by Use


September 29 Arrests

Scott Martinez (Mendez) – Unauthorized Use Motor Vehicle

September 27 Arrests

Colton Robertson – Driving While Under Suspension with Child, Driving Under Suspension, No Child Restraint

Darren Dumas – Strangulation of Household Member

September 25 Arrests

Kristy L. Samples – Felony Burglary & Theft

Broderick Hopper – Warrant: Probation Revocation

September 24 Arrests

Levi Thomas Taylor – Fremont County Warrant: Child Support

September 22 Arrests

Nathan Paschall – Child Abuse

September 20 Arrests

Holly Houser – Pedestrian Under the Influence

September 14 Arrests

Dustin J. Schepker – Warrant: Probation Revocation, Driving Under the Influence

September 9 Arrests

Milton C. Morgan – Driving Under the Influence

September 4 Arrests

Christian A. Romo – Washakie County Warrant: Hold

Colton Robertson – Warrant: Failure to Pay Bond

September 3 Arrests

Travis Rattler – Domestic Battery

September 2 Arrests

Nels Vicklund – Driving Under the Influence

September 1 Arrests

Cory Adam Ireland – Driving Under the Influence


August 26 Arrests

Karl Loos – Driving Under Suspension, No Insurance, Expired Registration

Tyrone Potts – Driving While Under the Influence, Leaving the Scene, Destruction of Property

August 24 Arrests

Denise Thornley – Fremont County Warrant

August 23 Arrests

Jimee Kastner – Driving Under the Influence, Failure to Stop

August 22 Arrests

Keith Lance – Driving Under the Influence, Reckless Driving, Open Container, Speeding

August 18 Arrests

Autumn Boyle – HSC Warrant

August 17 Arrests

Lara Halbert – Probation Revocation

August 15 Arrests

Lola Vialpando – Forgery

Chillidy Luers – Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance, Child Endangerment

August 13 Arrests

Corey Corriddi – Probation Revocation

August 10 Arrests

Tyler Asay – Aggravated Assault

Seth White – Domestic Violence

Joshua Hoyer – Domestic Assault, Interference with Emergency Call

August 9 Arrests

Austin Turner – Hold for Converse County

Andelee Charging Hawk – Converse County Warrant

Nels Vicklund – Probation & Hold

August 7 Arrests

Diane Axtell – Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicle

August 6 Arrests

Loryjay Sun Rhodes – Breach of Peace, Lincoln County Warrant

August 5 Arrests

Joshua Lee Nash – Washakie County Warrant

August 3 Arrests

Nels Vicklund – Probation & Homd

August 1 Arrests

Joel Craig Coleman – Warrant: Failure to Appear

Paul Mathewson – Warrant: Fraud Against Government


July 28 Arrests

Bryan Shepherd – Probation Revocation, Driving Under Suspension, Possession of Controlled Substance

July 26 Arrests

Jeremy Smith – Simple Assault

July 22 Arrests

John A. Hodges – Under the Influence of Controlled Substance, Possession of Marijuana, Meth & Oxycodone

July 17 Arrests

Jesse Wayne Brantley – Use of Park Facilities Under the Influence

July 16 Arrests

Kenneth Paulson – Driving Under the Influence, No Turn Signal

July 15 Arrests

Jerhmia Caddell – Driving Under the Influence, Reckless Endagnerment

July 14 Arrests

William Rudy Piper – Driving While Under the Influence, Driving Under Suspension, No Seat Belt, No Insurance

July 10 Arrests

Laura Lee Hansen – Driving Under the Influence

July 8 Arrests

Keipher Loos – Probation & Hold

July 5 Arrests

Omarilee Bridges

July 3 Arrests

Brian Own Williams – Driving Under the Influence, Open Container

July 2 Arrests

Rusty Neil Jensen – Possession of a Controlled Substance, Plant Form, Driving Under Suspension


June 30 Arrests

Samantha Messick – Interference

Jerome Dunks – Stolen Vehicle, Eluding, Hit & Run

June 29 Arrests

Tiffany Seymore (Brown) – Possession of Controlled Substance, Child Endangerment

June 28 Arrests

Lester Thomas Dillon – Holding for Park County

June 25 Arrests

Steven King – Failure to Pay (Fraud Check)

June 20 Arrests

Paul Mathewson – Failure to Appear: Trespass

June 19 Arrests

Enrique Jesus Ruiz – Driving Under the Influence, Controlled Substance

June 17 Arrests

Azia Martinez – Probation Revocation

Nels Vicklund – Driving Under the Influence

Michael Campbell – Driving Under the Influence with a child

Omarilee Bridges – Failure to Appear Warrant: Driving Under Suspension

June 16 Arrests

Stephanie Larson – Probation Violation

June 12 Arrests

Milton Carleton Morgan – Driving Under the Influence

June 8 Arrests

Lara Halbert – Trespassing, Interference

David Nolan – Driving Under the Influence

June 7 Arrests

Joshua Hoyer – Failure to Register

June 6 Arrests

Jay Shinost – Driving Under the Influence, Aggravated Vehicular Homicide

June 3 Arrests

Lewis William – Domestic Violence

William Forest – Domestic Violence


May 20 Arrests

David Vredenburg – Warrant: Failure to Appear, Driving Under Suspension, No Registration, Fremont County Warrant

May 28 Arrests

Autumn Boyle – Driving While Under the Influence, No Driver’s License, Child Endangerment

Karl Loos – Probation & Parole Hold

John Baker – Possession of a Controlled Substance

May 23 Arrests

Amber Brill – Failure to Appear

May 17 Arrets

Clay Daniel Weaver

May 15 Arrets

Matthew Schwan – Driving Under the Influence

Christopher Taylor – Aggravated Assault

May 11 Arrests

Stephanie Ann Corbett – Driving Under the Influence

May 8 Arrests

James Alan Boles – Driving Under the Influence, Breach of Peace, Driving Under Suspension, Sexual Battery

May 4 Arrests

Cameron C’Bearing – Child Support


April 23 Arrests

Gregory Willson – Driving Under the Influence

April 21 Arrests

Janice Walter – Bond Revocation

April 20 Arrets

Douglas Edwards – Warrant: Park County

April 7 Arrests

Andrew Wilson – Warrant: Failure to Appear

April 6 Arrests

Nes Vicklund – Driving Under the Influence, Open Container

Adam Smith – Driving Under the Influence

April 4 Arrests

Nicholas Urbanski – Probation Revocation (Burglary)

April 2 Arrests

Michelle McLeran – Driving Under the Influence, Driving Under Suspension, Driving without Interlock Device, No Insurance, Expired Registration, No Child Restraint, Open Container

April 1 Arrests

Ricky Anderson – Driving Under the Influence


March 24 Arrests

Tyrone Potts – Probation Arrest & Hold

March 23 Arrests

David Roberson – Failure to Appear, Shoplifting

March 20 Arrests

Dustin Kennedy – Possession

March 18 Arrests

Nesho Skretteberg – Warrant

March 17 Arrests

Elisha McGurn – Probation Arrest & Hold

March 15 Arrests

Michael Malloy – Driving Under the Influence, Failure to Pay Fine

Leithaniel Peahrora – Probation Revocation, Strangulation of household member

March 10 Arrets

Azia Martinez – Probation Revocation, Fraud, Controlled Substance

Dalton Danahoo – Probation Revocation

March 3 Arrests

Daniel Abbot – Driving Under the Influence, No Insurance, No Turn Signal

March 1 Arrests

Skyler Thomas McClure – Possession with Intent to Deliver


February 29 Arrests

Brian Michael Beardsley – Warrant: Colorado

Keith O’Dell Bapst - Probation & Parole, Arrest & Hold

February 24 Arrests

Lane Gunkel  Assault

February 23 Arrests

Hailey Earls – Possession of Controlled Substance

Ronald Burh – Probation Revocation, Possession of Controlled Substance, Property Destruction

Christopher White – Interference

February 18 Arrests

Tyron Potts – Probation Revocation (Driving Under the Influence)

February 13 Arrests

Michael Campbell – Driving Under the Influence with child, No Interlock, Interference

February 10 Arrests

Nakeisha Pacheco – Probation Revocation

Michael Wells – Probation & Parole, Arrest & Hold

February 9 Arrests

Cindee Lee Reynolds – Use of Controlled Substance

February 1 Arrests

Eric Hall – Hold: Natrona County

Joel Coleman – Use of Controlled Substance


January 31 Arrests

Jonathan Jorgenson – Possession of Controlled Substance

Alan Tendore – Driving Under the Influence, Minor In Possession, No Driver’s License

January 21 Arrests

John Christopher – Park County Boarder

Amanda Neuman – Natrona County Arrest & Hold

January 20 Arrests

Brett Candelaria – Natrona County Arrest & Hold

January 14 Arrests

James Kellum – Interference, Driving Under Suspension, Failure to Pay, Probation & Parole Hold: Pueblo County, CO

January 10 Arrests

Jerry William Merritt – Interference/Child Support

January 6 Arrests

Chance Jacobsen – Child Abuse, Reckless Endangerment, Battery

January 4 Arrests

Cindee Reynolds – Possession of Controlled Substance

Arthur Wade Grieve – Possession of Controlled Substance