EEO Information

EEO Public File


EEO Public File

For the Period beginning June 1, 2016 and ending May 31, 2017


The report covers the following employment units:


Call Sign:        Facility ID                 Community of License

KTAK               56590                       Riverton, WY

KVOW             56591                       Riverton, WY

KFCW              72899                       Riverton, WY

KDNO              88672                       Thermopolis, WY

KWYW             89088                       Lost Cabin, WY


Full Time Hires


The Following is a list of full-time positions filed and recruitment sources used for each position:


Job Title:                          Sales Associate


Date Filled:                      June 19, 2017


Total # Interviewed        5


Recruitment Sources:  Advertisement on KVOW/KTAK and website promoting the positions open.  WAB website-employment page, WAB Online Virtual Job Fair, All Access Radio Website Employment Page, Wyoming Workforce Center, Riverton