Christmas Concentration 2018


Download and print the Concentration Game Board 2018




  • The game board is available at the Wind River Radio Network Studios in Riverton, online a, or you can pick one up at participating businesses
  • Each participating business offers a prize or prize package and gets assigned two numbered spaces on the game board
  • Christmas Concentration will be played live on the air Mon-Fri 6a-2pm from Dec 10th until all of the prizes have been won (usually about Dec 21st)

How do you play Christmas Concentration?

  • The KTAK on air staff play the game sounder at random
  • Listeners call in when they hear the sounder. The lucky caller gets to guess what numbers their favorite prize is associated with. If they choose the correct numbers, they win that prize, if they are not correct, they receive a consolation prize from KTAK.
  • The listening audience will mark on their game boards when they hear which numbers belong to which prizes. As the game progresses the listeners discover which numbers are associated with their favorite prize and people begin to win often
  • Concentration is played live on air Mon- Fri during the game period

The listening audience stays tuned to KTAK throughout the holiday period insuring high listenership for your local advertisements!


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