About Us

Ray Rintamaki

General Manager Ray Rintamaki — has been in the “radio business” for 41 years, 26 of them right here in Fremont County. He says he wouldn’t have it any other way. His love for radio goes all the way back to when he was a child and continues unabated today. Close friends know he has a passion for the outdoors, specifically walleye fishing.

“Nary a week goes by,” he says, that he isn’t “plying the waters of Boysen in search of the elusive ‘eye.”

He also enjoys bringing the outdoors to the internet with his website at www.wyomingoutdoorsradio.com.

Jim McGilvray

Advertising Manager Jim McGilvray — holds an AAS in Media Production from Central Wyoming College in Riverton, graduating in 2005.

Along with guiding the advertising staff, he develops marketing strategies and handles production work for The Wind River Radio Network.

He moved to Riverton in 2001 with his family. He enjoys listening to music, exploring the digital arts and having what he calls “warm weather fun.”

Rebecca Pitt

Office Manager Rebecca Pitt — started her broadcasting career at The Wind River Radio Network in January of 2009 after graduating two years earlier with a degree in broadcasting from Central Wyoming College in Riverton. She moved to the area from Ohio in 2005 to become a student at the college.

As office manager, she’s what might be called the cog in the wheel of the station because she handles the radio trafficking, billings, accounts payables & receivables and payroll.